Case Study - Rift

Leadership development

Rift is a leading tax rebate business, providing a range of tax rebate and return, and accountancy services to private and corporate clients. We’ve been working with them since 2018.

Leadership development

Our initial work was focused with the Senior Leadership Team, helping them work together as a more unified, united team of leaders who would lead the growth and transformation agenda of the business. They needed to make the conceptual, practical and behavioural shift from operating as leaders of their areas of the business (which they were each doing well), to being the leadership team of the business.

Using our Exceptional Teams process and framework, and over the course of a year, we supported their evolution as team – delivering initial team development sessions and transitioning to supporting them as team coaches as they implemented and habitualised new behaviours. Individual coaching supported each team member as they made the personal transition to thinking and operating as a leader of the business.

“The impact that Mezzana has had on our business has been transformational. Faced with a challenging agenda for sustaining growth and evolving our business, in a fast changing world, we needed to change as leaders - and fast.

Mezzana very quickly got to the heart of what was happening (and not happening) and helped us both building our critical team foundations at the same time as challenging us to make some small but high impact changes to how we were operating. Over a six month period, our whole approach to how we were leading people, thinking about our business, people and performance – as well as how we were working together as a team – has shifted significantly, and been a very real and tangible business impact.”