Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s my coach for the programme, and how will they be working with me?

You’ll have an allocated Mezzana Partners coach for the programme, and they’ll be working with you through the 9 months to support your development and help you get the most from the programme. They’ll help you create learning objectives and coach, support and challenge you as you work towards those. There’s three coaching sessions, but also online coaching through the habit builder platform, so your coach will really be able to support you as you work on key areas and track your progress on the programme.

Each cohort will have a lead coach (who will be your personal coach), and an assistant coach (who will be co-delivering the modules. The coaches for each cohort are in the table below. You can check out their profile in the General Resources and Tips section.


Is the focus of the programme on me as an individual, as a team leader or on the leadership team?

The answer is all three! It’s focused on helping you, as an Aztec leader, deliver on the 5 year plan. So it will build your leadership capability to do that – developing your knowledge and skills in building and sustaining high performance in your team; challenging you to think about and work on your own performance, and supporting you to be more skilled in coaching your team to improve their performance. There will also be opportunities in the modules for your leadership team to discuss how you’ll apply your learning, and through action learning sessions, connect with other leaders in your jurisdiction but in other cohorts to share learning and progress.

What happens if I can’t make a session?

We really want you to be able to attend all sessions, so we’ve ensured you’ve got the dates well in advance for all modules. The modules are rich in content, but are also highly interactive, so you’ll develop new skills and also have the opportunity to discuss insight as a leadership team (and perhaps make decisions and commit to make changes as a team). So if you can’t make a session, although it would be possible for you to attend another session of another cohort, it’s not ideal. If you skip a session entirely, that’s even less ideal obviously! If for whatever reason you are struggling to attend a module, let your cohort sponsor and coach know.

Similarly, attending the action learning groups, team conversations and coaching sessions is also equally important. All sessions have a function in supporting you to develop and apply new insight and skills, so please aim for 100% attendance and engagement.

For detailed guidance on what to do if you can’t attend, and for the Module Timetable click the button below.