How we do it

The Mezzana Method

We blend our deep psychological knowledge of performance and behaviour change with over 25 years’ experience. We have worked with world leading teams and leaders in Olympic and Paralympic sport and brought the same approach into many major businesses.

We use our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve lasting changes that enable your people to thrive. We start by understanding the business outcomes that matter to you most. Then we assess where you are now and show you how the mindsets and behaviour of your teams and leaders need to change in order to achieve your outcomes. Together, we agree a programme that will bring these changes about.

Our programmes combine team and individual coaching, online workshops and webinars and practical team conversations that you run yourselves virtually or in person.

We use a powerful online platform to help embed learning, transform new behaviours into lasting habits, and to cascade these changes through your organisation. We can show you where behaviour is changing and the impact this is having on your business. This ensures that we have lasting impact – we won’t simply run a training course and disappear.

Typically, two of us will work with you over several months to ensure your leaders truly understand the foundations of team performance and can confidently apply new skills with their teams. We tailor and scale our approach to work with small or large businesses and can deliver virtually or, where conditions allow, in live sessions.

Our projects range from establishing a new management team, to increasing collaboration between existing teams, or designing company-wide initiatives to support a new strategy.

Our Manifesto

At Mezzana, we believe that:

• We thrive when we are doing meaningful work with people who we respect.

• This happens best in high performing teams.

• High performing teams are the key to changing a business’s culture, performance and results.

• Resilient, adaptable, team focused leaders are critical to enable this shift.

• To survive in the long term, companies must face up to their social and environmental responsibilities and then act on them.