JLL are a world leader in real estate services. Their Central London Markets division is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of their UK operations. We’ve worked with them since 2016.


Leadership and Team Development

We were asked to help CLM through a major culture change – to bring together teams from West End and City leasing, capital investment and advisory services to create a powerful and unified service for their clients. Through a combination of team feedback, off-site workshops sustained by our habit change methodology and individual coaching, we helped forge new relationships and establish a clear vision for a cohesive Central London business. Their clients have been enthusiastic about the ‘joined up’ approach to meeting their needs.

“Mezzana transformed our ability to understand what high performance looks like. They helped us to create adaptive strategies and think together about the future. We can be a difficult bunch to work with, and their support has been extremely valuable.”

Neil Prime, Head of Central London Markets and a UK Board member