Leading Edge Forum

Leading Edge Forum (LEF) is a premier thought leadership organization, that helps clients adapt and take ownership of their technology focused change by challenging conventional assumptions with original, future-focused thinking.

Leading Edge Forum

High Performing Team

LEF wanted to make sure their culture and team working was fit and ready to deliver their ambitious new strategy. We worked with the senior team to support how they led this change, culminating in a 2-day workshop with the wider organisation. We helped them reinforce exactly what their clients valued so much in the LEF, and built their individual and team agility to deliver this even more powerfully.

“As frequent facilitators ourselves, we knew we needed ‘next level’ facilitation to achieve the goals of our offsite meeting.  Mezzana combined years of experience and great creativity to deliver an experience tailored to our unique needs.  The result was an impactful, enjoyable and challenging two days from which we emerged a better formed team.  We were able to acknowledge what had made us successful to date but also ready ourselves for the opportunities that lie.”

Dave Reid, LEF Program Director