The Rift Group

The Rift Group is a leading tax rebate business, providing a range of tax rebate and return, and accountancy services to private and corporate clients. We’ve been working with them since 2018.

The Rift Group

Leadership Development

Our initial work was focused with the Senior Leadership Team, helping them work together as a more unified, united team of leaders who would lead the growth and transformation agenda of the business. They needed to make the conceptual, practical and behavioural shift from operating as leaders of their areas of the business (which they were each doing well), to being the leadership team of the business.

Using our Exceptional Teams process and framework, and over the course of a year, we supported their evolution as a team – delivering initial team development sessions and transitioning to supporting them as team coaches as they implemented and habitualised new behaviours.

“Working with Mezzana has really energised the senior team, driving increased collaboration and improving the speed and quality of our decision-making. We were so impressed with Mezzana and the results we were achieving that we asked them to extend their engagement with us and work with the wider leadership community within the business; in doing so, we have been able to further develop our future plans, being more ambitious in our approach and more inclusive with the wider teams to really drive long-term change within the business.”

Bradley Post, CEO