Leading high performing teams

Sibling relationships, team identity and creating the conditions are three key ingredients in “making the magic happen” in this latest Mezzana Partners podcast on leading teams, featuring two Australians. Jo Markham is an experienced executive with extensive automotive experience and Mezzana Partners MD Jonathan Males.

Jo’s experience spans Product Development, Manufacturing, Quality, Customer Experience, Sales and Logistics & Warehousing. She has a passion for developing leaders & effective teams and is based in Melbourne.

Jonathan is an executive and team coach, leadership consultant and sport psychologist. He grew up in Tasmania, represented Australia at four World Canoeing Championships, and since 1992 has lived and worked in the UK supporting athletes and coaches at eight Olympic and Paralympic Games and coaching senior leaders and their teams in many major companies.

Both share their insight from their unique perspectives, on how leaders create high performing teams and the challenges and opportunities in doing so.

Listen to the full podcast ‘Leading high performing teams’ with Jo Markham and Jonathan Males here:

Photo credit:  Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

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