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Exceptional Teams

We support teams and their leaders to perform at the highest level, consistently and sustainably.

Leaders often us ask to develop greater trust within their team. They’re frustrated by team members who have competing agendas or a narrow focus on their part of the business.

The ripple effect is seen through the business, as silos emerge, and poor communication and collaboration impair efficiency, stifle innovation, and limit the ability to operate at pace.

Poor team performance, at any level, can have a real impact on your business competitiveness and growth. At a time when businesses need to be more agile and responsive than ever, you need high performing teams who are collaborating brilliantly to deliver what’s needed.

How we can help

We know that people thrive when they are doing meaningful work, with colleagues they respect. Guided by our Exceptional Team framework, our programmes enable teams and their leaders to lay the foundations for highly collaborative, creative and focused teams. We spend time understanding your business context and how the team is currently operating so we can address the performance areas that matter most. We work alongside the team and their leader as they make the necessary changes and build sustainable new team performance habits. And we track change and measure the impact for your business along the way.

Our track record includes world leading teams and leaders in Olympic and Paralympic sport and many major businesses. Amongst the services we offer:

  • Exceptional Team Audit – shows you how your team is performing and recommends the changes that will move you to the next level.
  • Exceptional Team Programme – a high impact programme where we assess team performance, and then work with you over 3 to 6 months to address the most critical areas for improvement, leaving your team aligned and confident.
  • Exceptional Team Launch – helps a new team to form quickly and efficiently. We incorporate insights from the Lumina Learning psychometric so you can build deeper relationships, enhance psychological safety, and improve communication and collaboration in new teams.
  • Team Coaching and Facilitation – to address complex or sensitive issues, or to improve communication and working processes.

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"Our work with Mezzana has really energised the senior team, driving increased collaboration and improving the speed and quality of our decision making."

Bradley Post, CEO, The Rift Group

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