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Thriving at Work

We work directly with your people to enable them to do their best work and thrive, through individual coaching, group workshops or conference keynotes.

It’s a challenging time for many people right now. We’re in a period of tremendous change, facing significant demands and an uncertain future.

Many people we work with are feeling this in a very real way – at work, there’s a sense of overwhelm, lack of clarity and questioning of purpose. And remote and hybrid working, while bringing many benefits, has had a negative impact on people’s sense of connection to their work, their teams, and their organisation.

For your business, it’s likely that energy is being wasted and talent is being lost. Your people want to come to work to do a great job, to learn and to be challenged, but chances are they’re feeling unsatisfied – with a knock-on effect on their well-being and sense of worth.

How we can help

We help people not just survive in a demanding and challenging environment, but to thrive. We draw from the science of human performance as well as decades of experience to help people bring their passion to work, make the most of their potential and feel more fulfilled and engaged by their work.

We tailor our approach to work with small or large businesses and can deliver virtually or in live sessions. Whatever the project, we always start by understanding what change is desired and design a programme that will deliver that – and measure the impact for your business along the way.

  • Coaching – 1-2-1 tailored individual development.
  • Group workshops – with groups from 20 to 300, we help people think differently about how they’re using their talent and take action to make real change.
  • Conference keynotes – drawing from our experience over the last 6 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we deliver impactful headline sessions that stimulate thinking and inspire action.

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"Mezzana transformed our ability to understand what high performance looks like. They helped us to create adaptive strategies and think together about the future."

Neil Prime, Head of Central London Markets, JLL

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