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Leadership Development

We equip leaders at each stage of their leadership journey with the capability, skills and confidence they need to lead with impact.

Leading a team or a whole business is hard. It makes demands on your time and energy, means making tough decisions, and at times 
brings you into conflict.

Many leaders we work with feel out of their depth, at times isolated and stretched to capacity as they try to balance the needs of the business and their people and still deliver in an operational or client facing role.

The impact? Leaders who are burnt out, disengaged and unhappy – they’re in survival mode. Those they lead can feel unappreciated, unfulfilled, and disconnected. Both of these can translate into a clear cost to the business; in the UK, poor leadership costs organisations between 7% to 9% of their revenue.

How we can help

We work with leaders at every level to ensure that they’re capable, confident leaders of people and culture. We embed learning by transforming new leadership behaviours into lasting habits and can show you the effect this has on your business. Our leadership development programmes include:

  • From Expert to Leader – to enable early career, high potential leaders make the shift from being a high performer in their field to a skilled people leader.
  • Leading Teams – for leaders who need to run highly effective and collaborative teams of any size.
  • Leading the Organisation – for future and current senior leaders, to develop strategic awareness, lead through change, and create a healthy, high performing organisation.
  • Leading across Boundaries – for people working with multiple external stakeholders, to develop systems thinking and build effective partnerships.
From Expert to Leader for a global mining company

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"Working with Mezzana has had a real and lasting impact on our business and leadership culture."

Matt Hope, Exploration Lead, First Quantum Minerals

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