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Jonathan Males

Jonathan grew up in Tasmania and spent his youth exploring its wilderness, rivers and mountains. Through the 1980’s he pursued his sporting aspirations, representing Australia at four World Canoeing Championships and experiencing at first-hand the challenges of international competition.

Along with continued involvement in high performance sport as a psychologist and team development specialist over the last 8 Olympics and Paralympic Games, he coaches teams and their leaders in business sectors including property, IT, investment management, pharmaceuticals and legal services. He draws on his thorough understanding of both people and business, which helps his clients to learn, adapt and perform in an increasingly challenging world.

Jonathan lives in London, has four daughters, and is still a regular slalom racer, winning European and World masters titles. He is an accredited APECS Executive and Team Coach, holds a first-class degree in Psychology and a PhD in Performance Psychology. His second book, The Work Revolution, is a guide to healthy high performance in business.

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“Our work with Mezzana has really energised the senior team, driving increased collaboration and improving the speed and quality of our decision making.”

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