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Katherine Bond

Katherine grew up in Dublin, and spent her early years trying her hand with various sports, trying to excel in one of them, but never quite managing it. This sparked an interest in the psychology of performance, and led her to the UK to study and work.

She spent 15 years working as a psychologist in high performance sport before turning her attention to working more with organisations in other high performance and business sectors in 2012. As well as supporting athletes, teams and leaders through 7 Olympic and Paralympic Games, she’s worked extensively in the UK and Australia helping people thrive, leaders to lead with more impact and confidence, and workplaces to be healthy and high performing.

Katherine is a Chartered Psychologist, holds a first-class degree in Psychology and Sport Science, and a Masters and PhD in Performance Psychology. Shes’s still committed to working on her own sporting performance, despite the years being against her, and these days spends most of her spare time taking on ever more exciting running and cycling adventures.

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