Sintetica is a well established Swiss pharmaceutical company delivering injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide. Sintetica UK was launched in 2016.


Establishing a Performance Culture in a fast growing business.

We provided an agile development programme that brought people together every month, in person or via videocall, to build relationships, establish routines for communication and decision making, and most importantly to agree on the purpose and values of the new business. We used our light touch Actionable platform to maintain support and build momentum between the facilitated sessions, and to provide direct feedback on the team’s learning and progress. Alongside the team programme, we coach the MD and Medical Director as they lead a fast-growing business.

“Working together has really benefited Sintetica. Mezzana have helped us to develop our own culture, which is incredibly important to us. It gives everyone an appreciation of being a business and how we need to communicate and interact. The Actionable Conversations have created new habits that are part of that culture. Individually, each of us has benefitted in terms of our own development through coaching to be better leaders and better people.”

Darren Fergus, Managing Director