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The Leadership Challenges in a VUCA Covid World

Our Webinar highlights the Four key challenges for leaders as we move through and beyond Covid.

This webinar explores four key challenges that leaders will face in a Covid/Post Covid world – and how you need to flex and develop your leadership style to be ready for this VUCA future.

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Are you Leading for a VUCA world?

At the time of writing, I’m (Katherine) spending some time in Ireland, working and holidaying. Ireland has handled the Covid crisis relatively well, with the Government receiving plaudits for its swift and decisive action and clarity of its communication through the first four months of the crisis. At the end of June, however, there was a change in government, and with it a change in leadership approach and style – and this new approach has come in for plenty of criticism in recent weeks.

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As businesses are navigating a return to the workplace, safety is foremost in everyone’s minds. And while the focus is necessarily on creating a physically safe, bio-secure environment, paying attention to creating psychological safety is critical AND maintain (or even re-establish) an emphasis on productivity and performance.

The Four Leadership Challenges of the Covid World

We remain in curious times, despite the welcome easing of UK lockdown restrictions. This marks a gradual return to activity for many business sectors, although it is too soon to tell what this really means, and we will continue to face an uncertain, ambiguous and potentially volatile future.

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